Decoupage Desk

The story of this desk: We needed one to fit in our "office space", but as always, I wasn't going to just jump up and buy one. I needed one with a story and character. Keep reading to learn about our decoupage desk!

Well, Brian had these four great aunts that lived in a lovely 2 story brick farmhouse together. Brian's family tells me of the good times they had there with "the aunts" making cookies and running around the basement. Now that all but one of the aunts are still living (and she is at the home, bless her soul) the house sits empty, fully furnished, but hauntingly alone. That is where I found this desk. It's solid with dove tail drawers. Sure it's had a little ware and tare, but that's what gives it the charm ;)

Another great find at the house was this old map. So old, that some countries on it don't exist anymore. The top of the desk had some unsightly water marks that really did need to be covered. I made a homemade mod podge recipe out of elmers glue and water and Brian and I got to work glueing the map on. It was difficult due to the age and delicacy of the map, but turned out quite well in the end. I did end up returning the glass top to it so the map doesn't get ruined by my constant coffee spills and such.
I've been debating on whether I want to update the handles on the drawers and paint the rest of the desk to match the chair. What do you think? Comment below.