Jordan's Nursery

When I was pregnant that nesting instinct was strong. I was bound and determined to clean, rearrange, and prepare every room in the house for our baby. Thankfully, we had the perfect room to function as an outlet for all that Mommy energy: the nursery. We were renting at the time, but thankfully our landlord was gracious enough to let us paint the room that would serve as Jordan's room. Here's a few before pictures:
It was a storage room before Jordan came into the picture. Don't you just love that paneling?
Now, the crib and dresser were not too bad to begin with. They had some bite marks, but the drawers worked well and they felt solid. I found them at a garage sale for $60.00! 

I knew I wanted to colors in his room to be completely cohesive, and dark brown just was not going to work, so we painted them white.

This is what his room looked like in our old house. The stripes on the wall were my favorite part. We used the lines from the paneling as a guide, so it was really easy. If you have ugly paneling in your house, before ripping it off, I suggest just painting over it. Even if you just do one solid color, it gives the wall some cool lines which add character.

There I go on a tangent :)
When we moved this summer, I didn't have the time or energy to repeat the lines, so I painted the room grey all around. It turned out great and we love it.
The artwork below was a gift from my cousin. She has some serious talent.
I put the changing table under the window because he loves looking out of it. Changing has become a lot easier with him watching the tree branches and birds outside rather than staring at the ceiling.
Look at him loving his room. He was just so excited to show it off to you all.
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