DIY Burlap Wreath

My experience with wreaths is non-existent. This may sound strange, but I've literally never lived in a home where we put of a wreath at any time of the year. At my parents, we tended to focus on decorating the interior due to being out in the country where not too many can see the outside. That, and, we just never had one to put up. Plain and simple. That carried over to my married life and the duplex we rented when we started out. I never had one, never put one up. But, you know what, I kind of wanted one. It seems like the "normal" thing to do. I found out that wreaths are a little on the pricey side (to a person who buys 90% of their decorating items from garage sales. Ah the power of a quarter!). I wasn't going to spend $20-$30 dollars on one, so I set out to making one. I love it! It turned out exactly how I wanted!


Coat hanger-free Burlap-$4.00 Garage Sale ornaments-$0.75 Total: $4.75

Here is the process. I actually remembered to take pictures as I did it, which makes explaining it so much easier!

First I formed a coat hanger into a shape that resembles a circle. Them things is hard to bend!

The burlap I bought was originally meant to be a table runner (hence the good price), so I had to cut it in half lengthwise to get two 6 inch thick strips.
Then I spent about an hour trying to figure out how I wanted to thread the burlap onto the hanger. I tried a couple different ways from tutorials I'd found on Pinterest, but none of them got that "bubbly" look I was going for. I had to experiment a lot and destroyed the end of one of the strips, but finally figured it out.
Now, I followed a resemblance of a pattern loosely. I kept having to pick up Jordan and would get lost on where I was which would get me randomly sticking the burlap on until I could figure out what I'd been doing before.
To begin, stick the end of the hanger into the middle of the burlap, like so:
Then you do this twisty thing so that the next time you stick the hanger through, it's going in on the same side.
As an extra bonus to this post you get a glimpse into our lovely basement.
I tried to keep the length of the twists the same, but mostly just tried eyballed it as I went.

And, this is how it turned out.

OK, for the ornaments, I got the hot glue gun out and went crazy with it. I didn't want to permanently attach them to the wreath because I envision using it throughout the year with different embellishments. I just glued the ornaments to themselves and, using some stings that fell off the burlap, tied them onto the wreath. The poinsettia is just a fake one that we had in our Christmas decorations box. I stuck it on for a little added color.

Are you planning on doing some homemade decorating this year? I'd love to hear about it!

***Update: I finally got it hung on our blue door! I'm so excited by how it looks :)

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