Rustic Pallet Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas preparation is in full swing everywhere, including the Schwind house. We have had so much fun decorating our new house together and I can't wait to show you. Since we moved to a slightly larger place, the decorations I'd had were not going to fill it, so I knew this year I'd be making some new decorations. One of those homemade beauties was this Pallet Christmas Tree. 021 (2)


There it sits on our front porch, welcoming all who come to visit with its adorable rustic charm. I love it, and the bonus is, it was basically free!


Screws=free, because they were ones we'd inherited with the house
Spray paint=maybe $1.00 for the small amount that I used.

I used leftover pieces of pallet wood from previous projects, so I hardly had to make any cuts. That made it just that much easier and quicker. I found a sturdy board for the "trunk" and then screwed the "branch" boards onto it from the back so you can't see a ton of screw heads.



There is the unpainted version.



Then I used some green spray paint. I've seen others write words like "O, Come All Ye Faithful" or do a cool design on these, but I decided to go for a traditional tree look.



So that's how it turned out.

021 (2)


I didn't make it with enough support to really stand on its own, hence the galvanized bucket with firewood (to give you visions of warm fires on a snowy night), pine branches (picture that roaring fire and the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree in the corner), and other such garnishes.

Thank you for reading!