2014 Christmas Home Tour


Glittering lights, beautiful colors, the fresh smell of pine mixing with the warm scent of cookies and candles, oh how I love this season! Christmas is wonderful and this Christmas is special for us for two reasons. We are celebrating our first Christmas here at our new house. This house that we have fully embraced as our home and where we have visions of our little family growing up and making precious memories. I know its just a building to abide in, one that, quite frankly is old and in need of fixing and updating in a lot of places, but that doesn't matter, it is our charming little home. I can't wait to celebrate Christmas here for the first time.

The other big "first" for this season is that it's Jordan's first. I can't believe that the tiny boy we brought home days after the new year is now almost a year old. He is going to be so much fun this Christmas, I just know it. He's already been so helpful with decorating :)



Anyway, enough with the sentiments and on with the 2014 Christmas home tour. The first spot I'd like to take you is our front door. The one I painted blue and made a lovely burlap wreath for.



I was going to close the door so you could see the wreath, but Jordan wouldn't have it :) The star was found in our attic, given a quick layer of gold spray paint and wrapped in the gold tinsel. It was a free and easy little project. I have a separate post all about that adorable rustic Christmas tree that you can read here.


There is our Narnian lamp post wrapped in pine garland and lights. I just adore looking at this scene every day. The lamp post with the cows in the background. We are so blessed.




Inside the house is this antique side table. I tried a few different assortments of decorations, but settled on a simple candle display. They look lovely all lit up....I should have lit them for this picture...oh well.



One of the most important and wonderful Christmas decorations is the nativity scene. That's what this is all about right? Celebrating the birth of our Savior and the most world changing day and person in history. We got this Willow Tree scene as a wedding gift and I absolutely love it. The garland is real pine branches from our back yard. They smell awesome and were free!




We got one really exciting little update to our house this weekend. The dining room had two wall light fixtures that, while very charming, just did not do their job of adequately lighting the room. I had gotten this chandelier at a garage sale for $40.00 a few years ago to make the basement in our duplex a little more welcoming to host potluck. When we moved, we took it with us and I'm so glad we did. My Dad came by, and in exchange for a little grandson time, was able to install it.

Below the light is the Pallet Crate I made this summer. It's so versatile as I can change the contents for every season. The pine is more that we cut down from the pine trees out back. Of all the decorations, natural ones are by far my favorite. God gave us such a beautiful earth to appreciate and enjoy.






For our mantel I went with a gold, white, and silver theme. The "Noel" letters were plain wooden ones from Walmart, spray painted to look beautiful. The rest of the things are garage sale finds, dollar store items, and the lantern was a wedding gift. I'm so looking forward snuggling up to warm fires with my husband and baby and having these Christmas decorations to look at.



finds 004

This, I think, is my favorite...or have I already said that? What I did was cut a branch from outside, spray painted it silver, hung it above the doorway and added some ornaments. So easy! So free! So lovely. I like it at least :)




I also did this twigs and stuck them in a candle holder with some red berries from the dollar tree.




So that's our home at Christmas time. I hope your heart is warmed this season by the love of family and friends and the peace that Jesus brought to earth two thousand years ago.