Garden Inspirations

This is totally out of season, I know. It's like Christmas in July, but the opposite! More like July when it should be Christmas. You'll have to excuse my poor timing, but I really wanted to post something about Gardening :)As you may know we bought our house in late summer this year and one of the big perks to this lovely home was a big garden out back. We didn't have time to do anything with it this year, but I have big plans. Oh yes, big plans!

This picture is my ultimate garden inspiration. I dream of having a lovely fenced in garden where beautiful plants grow in a glorious conglomeration together producing wonderful flowers and food.

This garden is my ultimate inspiration with its rustic fence and raised beds. Charming Imperfections

This is an amazing inspiration garden where, not only are beautiful plants produced, but you can sit and relax.

I don't really want a traditional garden with rows. I picture things growing in an artistic mess quite honestly. Maybe something like this:

Artistic Garden


or this...


Beautiful Fenced in garden


I'd love to have a pond like this one someday:

Wildlife backyard pond

I hope to make our yard somewhat of a retreat for wildlife. The good kind of wildlife, though, like birds, squirrels, and chipmunks. I say this because ever since we got a cat we've had these awful opossums hanging out in our yard. I've actually already made a brick birdfeeder like this one, but couldn't take pictures because it is just a nasty day outside. I plan to write a post on it as soon as the weather allows.

We have gutter that comes down from our deck that is just the ugliest thing you ever did see. So, my plans for that are to make a "waterfall" and dry creek bed like these.



I've already made this strawberry planter, but again, don't have pictures of my version due to the weather. This is the tutorial I used.



We have a lot of shade in our backyard, so I'll definitely add some landscaping like this:



I just adore these old dressers converted into plant stands, so those could be in my future as well.

All I can say about this next picture is...I wish.


Anyway, come mid February when your eyes are craving some green, you'll remember this post and come running back to feast on these pictures :)

Wanna see more?

Click on any of the pictures to get to my Pinterest board of Backyard inspirations, and feel free to 'follow' it. None of these pictures are mine, so be sure to follow the links from Pinterest to the original source.

"We apologize for the interruption and will now return you to your previous Christmas celebrations"