Sea Glass Jars

There was a time long ago when all things crafty and DIY were scary and unknown to me. I had always passed those projects over to my ultra creative sister. Back in those days I ventured out of my comfort zone and found one of the easiest crafts that anyone could do that only needed things found around the house. Thus, these sea glass jars were made. Create your own beautiful sea glass jar with things laying around the house. This is seriously so easy to do and they turn out so gorgeous!

Ok, are you ready for all the ingredients?

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That's it! Elmer's glue and food coloring! I used a few drops of blue and green and played around to get the turquoise color I wanted. Then, I used a paint brush to apply it to the glass. The jars/vases were some I'd collected from random garage sales and such and didn't hold much sentimental value, so I wasn't afraid to smother them in this gunk. I'll be honest, I had very little faith in this project. It just seemed to easy!

Glass Jars are so versatile in decorating


And, then I got to this point and what little hope or excitement I'd had was dashed. In their half dry phase they looked terrible and I was sure there was no way drying would help the splotchiness.

It's amazing what a little Elmer's glue and food coloring can do!

By the way, don't you love the yellow wallpaper and dark cabinets of our old rental? I sure didn't.

Elmer's glue and food coloring are all you need to make beautiful sea glass jars.


You know what. They did end up drying, absolutely beautifully, if I might add. I love them and have used them in many different settings and seasons.

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What's a project you've done that seemed to easy to be true? I'd love to read your comments!