How to Make a File Basket

How to Make a File Storage Basket I love Pinterest, and I love the people who post amazing things on Pinterest. But, I do have a Pinterest pet peave, and that is when people post great ideas, but don't follow through with a tutorial. For instance, when I was searching for a stylish way to store files, I found tons of suggestions to use a basket. None of them actually told me how I was to go about making that work, short of throwing all our important paperwork in a stack within the basket. I needed a way to hang the file fiolders. If you read my last post, you'll remember I talked about this dilemma.

Well, I'm pleased to say, I've figured it out! The answer came to me while shopping at the amazing thrift store we have in town. Curtain hooks! Genius! I got a bag full of them for $0.50.


Simply insert them into the inner lining...

hook in basket

...and weaved them through the basket weaves. It's barely noticeable and makes for a strong holder. This should work with any type of basket that allows enough room for the narrow hook. The baskets I have were from Target. I got them 2 years ago, so I don't know if they still carry them.

hook outside of basket

This bead board was leftover from the previous owners (I think from the bathroom remodel they did) and found in our basement. It's perfect because it's thin enough to fit with the hooks and allow them to slide for easy access. I had to cut them to size and then nestled them into the hooks.

If you don't have bead board conveniently lying around, any thin board will work, or perhaps a really strong cardboard. It might take some creative thinking if you're like me and refuse to buy stuff, but I'm confident you'll be able to find something that is thin, yet strong.

bead board

Do it for both sides.

two boards

no files

And there you have it. A sturdy, organized file basket.


I know I've been excited to get reorganized for the new year, and this is just one of the things that will help immensely. I hope it does some good for you, too.

What other organizing strategies are you planning to utilize in 2015?

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