Sneak Peak: Wing back Chair Redo

Lovely antique wingback chair I have to write about this for my husband's sake because I can't stop talking about this chair! I'm so in love with it, so excited about the potential it holds. It was a Craigslist find and when I initially saw the older ad, I thought, no way is this chair still available at that price. Turns out it was!

I have this perfect spot that has been just screaming at me to make into a cozy nook. It's a corner of our dining room right by the fireplace. The large windows across the room from this corner lends a view of my bird sanctuary (read about that here) and, hopefully, flower garden in the spring. Every time I see that corner, I picture a comfortable chair, warm throws, snugly pillows, and a book-case full of good reads (or just my Bible, since I'm not much of a reader). I can just see myself, warm by the fire's glow reading a story to baby Jordan, and loving my cozy little corner.Beautiful antique wingback chair

Well, yesterday, that vision came just a little bit closer when I picked up this gorgeous wing back chair. It's in really good condition for such an old piece, and I almost considered keeping the upholstery. But, unfortunately, I don't think the green tint is going to work for me. So, with no prior experience, I'm jumping right into re-upholstering it, with my usual method of doing very little planning. Hey, I watched a few Youtube videos, so I'm basically a pro at it, yeah?

Anyway, I was so excited about it, that I started taking it apart with a rare bit of free time during this busy holiday season. I realize it will probably sit there half-finished as we rush around for Christmas parties and celebrations, but I just had to start on it. Pulling away the fabric was scary at first, but I can't tell you more than that. You'll have to wait for the full tutorial.

Here goes nothing

Check back soon (hopefully sooner rather than later) for the full tutorial with tons of pictures and maybe a video or two :)

My husband says thanks for letting me share so he doesn't have to hear about it anymore ;)