The Perfect Pallet Gift

I've had to wait to post about this project as it was a Christmas gift, but now that it's been given, I can write all about it. You know that person on your list that doesn't need anything? My Dad is sort of that way. I never know what to get for him, and as soon as I feel like I've zeroed in on something, he's already bought it for himself. He's also the sentimental type. He still has some of the hand written cards we gave him when we were little kids. Now, don't get me wrong, he's no softy, you can tell that from this picture. But, his hard childhood growing up in communist Romania taught him one thing: to be extremely thankful for the love and warmth of a secure home and family. That is why, for this Christmas, I made him and Mom a pallet sign with his favorite verse on it.

I began by constructing the sign. I didn't cut the pallet boards after disassembling it, because I liked the height, and quite honestly was a little lazy. Two boards in the back hold it all together.


The fun part about buying an older home is that the previous owners left little trinkets of treasures all around. Like this little jar of nails, which were perfect for a job like this. I didn't have to buy any of the materials to make this project.

hammer and nails

Things got a little hairy once the sign was constructed. I spent forever cutting the shapes of the letters out of computer paper to use them as a stencil. Well, the spray paint leaked everywhere making it hard to make out the words. It was such a disaster that I couldn't even take pictures to share.

Sacrificing the beauty of the reclaimed wood, I had no choice but to paint over the entire thing to get a blank slate. I chose this grey/blue color (the same color on our kitchen hutch) because I knew it would work well with their light and blue decor.

Thankfully I was able to re-use the stencils, and this time I had a wonderful idea: Sharpies! This worked so well. I was afraid I'd go through a ton of them due to the roughness of the wood, but these little dudes can hold up. I used two, but only because I "lost" the first one half way through (i.e. Jordan carried it off). I chose the silver because I wanted it to have a little bit of an iridescent quality to the sign. It worked perfectly as the letters do shimmer in the right light.

close up

I won't lie and tell you it wasn't tedious and didn't take a lot of time, but it was a great project to do while Brian watched football in the evenings. I actually miss this project now that I have a massive chair half taken apart down there.

Anyway this is how it turned out, it's charmingly imperfect, which is what makes it the perfect pallet gift for my parents for Christmas.


I'm so glad you stopped by. I wish you the merriest Christmas.