Beach Retreat

Today I am excited to feature the beach retreat my aunt and uncle created at their condo here in Gulf Shores. We've so enjoyed spending a lot of time at this marvelous meeting place. Whether it's lounging in the hammocks or warming ourselves by the fire after a day of playing hard, it's been a perfect spot. This area behind their condo used to be a patch of weedy grass, full of sandburs and useless space. It has now been transformed to a wonderful gathering place. Beach Retreat


The fire pit was a DIY project and is just the perfect thing for those chilly beach nights.





These individual sitting hammocks are so cool! and comfortable! Jordan's enjoyed swinging in them too.



This table was made from eucalyptus wood. It's perfect for their large family and big parties (like the one we're going to have for New Years :).





I love the centerpiece! It's simple, durable for outdoor weather, yet charming.



These industrial type lights are a great alternative to normal pavilion lights.




My cousins are fishing fanatics. Most of their lives are based around it, from their leisure time to their business, so they absolutely had to put in a fish cleaning station and place to display their prizes. Nate, my cousin, has a really fun blog to read: Diary of a Lake Nerd.



This whole project wouldn't be complete without a horseshoe game :) Brian and I tried playing in the dark, which I do not advise. No one was injured, but it was quite difficult.


How much do you love this shower station? So practical. And, have you noticed what the towel hooks are? Whale tails! Isn't that just awesome?


As I've said, the Herman's did an awesome job building this amazing area. It's functionality and comfort make it the perfect place for large groups to gather and enjoy each other and the beauty of Alabama.

I almost forgot to mention they have a TV show! Lake Life will air in April on the DIY Network and one of the episodes will feature this project. If a lot of people watch it, they'll continue to do more seasons, so, if you liked this project, remember to tune in in April.


During this time right after the holidays it's easy to get bogged down and depressed about the dreary winter. I hope this post cheers you up and helps you remember to relax.