Alternative Storage Solutions for Your Fridge

Alternative Storage Solutions for you Fridge! What would we do without refrigerators? The regal appliance that sits so grandly in the corner of your kitchen means so much to modern day food storage, that it's hard to even comprehend what life would be like without her. We'd be taken back to the days of pioneers when food was salted and sent into a hole in the ground, yuck. Yes, the ol' ice box has revolutionized the modern day kitchen, but, as an item that is used on a daily basis, they can take a beating. All the refrigerators I've lived with eventually have some drawer that won't pull open, a shelf that breaks, or one of the baskets in the door goes missing. These are devastating losses as we tend to need every square inch of space to put all our yummy food, if not constantly, at one time or another.

Now, if you have had a part break in your refrigerator that compromised the amountĀ of storage space, then you've probably done a little research to replace the part. We inherited our refrigerator from the previous homeowners and the "dairy" drawer was tragically broken. It was always falling off the track, and inevitably falling on eggs that were placed underneath it (I finally learned not to put the eggs there:). Anyway, the replacement drawers are not cheap, especially for a fridge we'll probably be replacing soon.

For a while I tried to just cope with the lack of the valuable drawer, and then it dawned on me! Why not use other storage containers in the fridge! The cold won't hurt them. It was quite the revelation. I mean, of course I think of putting baskets in cabinets, bookshelves, and the like, but never thought of the refrigerator! It didn't take long for me to find a particularly long basket that would be perfect for the many bags of shredded cheese we have (yes, we fit in those statistics of Americans that eat too much cheese. It's sooo good!)

Here are some great alternative ideas for storage in your refrigerator that you never would have guessed!

I still needed something in the spot where the drawer used to be and stumbled upon a cabinet organizer that fit just perfectly! See how much extra space that lends? (note the eggs are on the top).

Here are some great alternative ideas for storage in your refrigerator that you never would have guessed!

As I've lived with these "alternatives" I've actually come to love them more than the old drawer. Visibility is so much better this way. No more old meat and cheese shoved in the back and, it looks better. Why not style something that we encounter daily?

What storage solutions have you come up with that are "outside the box"? I'd love to hear about them!

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