Bathroom Drawer Organization

Messy drawers drive me nuts! I can't stand opening a drawer full of tiny knick-knacks that were all just thrown in together with no rhyme or reason, but, have you ever noticed that it's really hard to avoid? Unless you have something to contain the little things, inevitably, as soon as you open or close that drawer in a forceful manner, everything goes askew. I am rather ashamed of the state of our bathroom built in drawers. The best way to describe them would be disastrous. I probably added a whole minute to my morning and evening routines just sifting through the mess to find what I needed. A solution had to be found.mess

We still had some leftover bead board from when the previous owners put it up in the bathroom, so I figured out how to make that work. This made the project free for me. If you don't have handy boards lying around, I'm sure you can find some at your local Menards for a decent price.

The tools I used were:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Jig Saw

Not too many supplies involved here :)

First, measure the depth and width of the drawers. I wanted three vertical and two horizontal slats to give a total of twelve sections.

Measure the boards...


...and cut them to be the proper length.


You know how some toys need to be assembled and they have all these slots to make them fit together. Well, I figured that would work quite well for this project and went ahead and measured out the slots. The nice part about making this is you can customize the sizes of the sections. I decided to have a deeper back row and narrower front row.

I will say, it's worth it to be meticulous here.

Cut two slots in the boards that will run from the front to the back of the drawer, and three slots in the ones that will run from the sides. I used a jig saw for this job. Make sure the slots are wide enough to fit the board.


Once the slots are cut, it's just a matter of sliding them together. Line up the slots and push the boards together. I did this on the floor to give a better look of it, but ended up taking it apart and putting it back together in the drawer.


Remember that terrible, messy drawer? It's long gone now and making room for a new sheriff in town. You can see a slight bowing of the boards on the right. That's where I got a little sloppy with the measuring and cutting part and they didn't line up perfectly. I was able to shove them together, but barely, so just remember to measure twice and cut once.



I was so satisfied with how this one turned out, I just had to do something for my straighteners, curling irons, and hair dryer. It was so annoying the way the cords would always get tangled.


For this, I followed the same process, but had five boards going from front to back and only one going from side to side. See the knicks in the sideways one? Those are for keeping the cords where they need to go.


I hate taking the time to wrap cords up every time I use the appliance, so this seemed like a good way that would allow just throwing them in the drawer without getting tangled.


This little project only took me about an hour and was so worth it. I get all these happy organized feelings every time I open the drawer :)

bathroom collage

This filing basket was another project I used the bead board for. Sadly, my supply is dwindling.


I'm not sure why I keep doing projects for the bathroom, since it's one of the rooms I'm most satisfied with (second to Jordan's room). Hey, at least it's super organized now :)

I've made this shelving unit:


This mason jar organizer:

And, a ladder towel rack that is coming soon to a blog near you ;)

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