Reclaimed Ladder Towel Rack

A while back I came up with the idea of making an old ladder and some pallet boards into a shelving unit. Well, the ladder I'd used was way too long to fit in our house and had to be cut in half. I was left with half of a gorgeous rustic old ladder that was just screaming to be used. Just as you walk into our bathroom, to the left is a little nook where there are hooks to hang towels. It's fine and all, but always seemed like a missed opportunity to me. The chrome hooks just were not working for me, so it was the perfect spot for this ladder to become a towel rack.

Now the thing had been in our shed with all the critters for years probably and needed some serious cleaning. This being the dead of winter left me in somewhat of a dilemma. I wasn't going to freeze myself hosing it off outside, so the next best thing was the shower. Don't judge me ;)

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For no cost, this reclaimed ladder towel rack adds functionality and character to our bathroom.

This is just the perfect use for a rustic old ladder: a towel rack!

I wish I could show you a decent picture of where it is at in the room, but it was literally impossible. I had to contort myself into a corner just to get these shots. To give you an idea the white you see on the bottom right hand corner is the shower and to the left is the door and behind me is the counter.

This is just the perfect use for a rustic old ladder: a towel rack!

I feel like this really helps to tie in the other reclaimed features in this room:

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and Bathroom Shelves:


You got a few glimpses of the bright, lime green in the room and I'm on the fence about it. What do you think? leave or paint?

As always thank you so much for stopping by!