15 Super Cheap, Big Statement Decor Items

Our budget for home decor is so minuscule it's basically non-existent. While I definitely believe in the value of making a house a home through color, texture, and decor, I also believe this can be achieved without spending much money. In order to do this, I have to put some sweat equity into it and I'm also not going to be able to have high end, ultra modern pieces (so glad rustic, vintage, and shabby chic are "in" right now!), but I'm totally ok with that. I love looking around our home and having a good story about each of the pieces. Home decor doesn't have to break your budget! Here are 15 decor items that make a big statement for very little cost (in fact, most were totally free!)

To better emphasize my point, I put together a round up of all the super cheap, big statement decor items in our house that cost little to no money for us.


Bathroom Shelving

Made out of pallets, these shelf compartments are perfect for things you need daily in the bathroom.

This was made purely for the functionality of it. We needed somewhere to put things that we used daily.

  • Pallet wood- free
  • screws- free (we inherited them with the house)

Pallet Crate

Make a crate out of pallets for the dining room table. The decor inside can be changed with the seasons.

I love setting this out on our dining room table with season appropriate decor.

  • Pallet wood- Free
  • Screws- Free (had on hand)
  • Minwax stain- Free (had on hand)

Sea Glass JarCreate your own beautiful sea glass jar with things laying around the house. This is seriously so easy to do and they turn out so gorgeous!

Set these out on any surface and instantly bring color and charm! Love these!

  • Jar- $0.10 at a garage sale
  • Glue- $1.00
  • Food coloring- Free (had on hand)

Window Whiteboard

Every home office needs a good message board. Reclaiming an old window to do the job adds vintage beauty to the area. Find out how to make this amazingly easy whiteboard!

  • Old Window- Free
  • Scrapbook Paper- $4.00

Blue Door

Painting your front door makes a beautiful statement to the front of your house. It's a cheap upgrade that makes such a difference.

  • Paint- Free (had on hand)

Pallet Side Table

Pallet Side Table

  • Pallet wood- Free
  • Screws- Free (on hand)
  • Stain- Free (had on hand)

Tree Stump Candle holder

Start the tradition of using the stump of your Christmas tree as a candle holder.

  • Tree stump- Free (well technically because it was part of our Christmas tree we paid $40.00 for it, but that doesn't mean you can't go out in the woods and find a free stump)
  • Candle- $0.01 (this is hard to estimate, it came in a huge box full of candles for $5.00 at a garage sale)

Pallet Table

DIY Pallet Picnic table

  • Pallets- free
  • Screws- $6.00 (actually bought some this time!)

Mason Jar Organizer

Need a place to store all those little bathroom things? This Mason Jar organizer is the perfect solution!

  • Mason Jars- $0.10-$0.25
  • Pallet board- Free
  • Hose rings- $6.00 for 8

Faux Plank Table


  • Table- Free (given to us, but you can find tables like this at Goodwill or garage sales
  • Paint and supplies- $35.00 total

Spool Bar Table

Spool Bar Table

  • Spool- Free
  • Screws- free
  • Stain- free
  • Pallet boards- free

Ladder Towel Rack

Old ladders convert amazingly into bathroom towel racks.

  • Ladder- free

Spool Clock

This reclaimed spool makes the perfect decor piece as a rustic clock.

  • Spool head- free
  • Stain- free (on hand)
  • Paint- Free (left over from the faux plank table)

Ladder Shelf

You'll never believe how easy it is to take an old piece an make a huge statement like this old ladder did. The wall was big and empty before, and now hold character and sentimentality.

  • Ladder- Free

*Bonus! Window Picture Frame

An old window makes the perfect centerpiece for any picture gallery.

An old window makes the perfect centerpiece for any picture gallery.

This is a bonus because I haven't written a post on it yet. These old windows have made perfect picture frames for us ever since we were first married. I have rotated the pictures out as our family grows and changes and every time I step back and think how beautiful it is.

  • Window- Free