6 Ways to Select Curtains for Your Bedroom

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6 Ways to Select Curtains for Your Bedroom

  Choosing curtains for your bedroom can feel like a chore. Often we choose curtains for purely practical reasons, ignoring the aesthetic impact that they can have on the bedroom as a whole. While curtains certainly provide privacy, there are a number of other factors to take into account when choosing your bedroom drapes.

Thermal Considerations!

Curtains can work amazingly to warm up your whole bedroom, and not in a purely colourful way! Thermal curtains, especially thick lined ones, can trap cold droughts against the window, rather than allowing them to creep around the room. If you suffer from unexplained chills even though your radiator is turned up full blast consider switching your curtains and see what a different that makes!

Curtains or Blinds?

For those who suffer from allergies, sometimes curtains can be a trial. In these cases it can be wiser to opt for blinds which contain much less fabric and tend to be easier to maintain, with some even being wipe-clean to help stay on top of dust and allergens build-up.

The Long and the Short of It

The length of your curtains can also make a big difference to the look of your room and style of the décor. Longer, floor-length curtains add elegance and drama to any room, while shorter curtains, either just skimming the window sill or falling to about a foot below it (still well above floor-level!) give a bedroom a practical and hygienic air.


Curtains for Less Than You Might Think

Buying the right curtains at the right prices seems quite challenging. But there is good news, you can mix and match curtains from Yorkshire linen and even bedding to suit your own tastes and the prices will be a pleasant shock to even the most constrained budget. These Catherine Lansfield curtains are only available at £23.99.

Welcome to a World of Style

You may be surprised to discover the immense variety of curtain styles that are on the market today. From tab-top to box-pleats to slot top and even traditional ringed curtains there is a curtain style for everyone! Experiment and research a little to find the style that appeals the most to you.

Window Dressing Matters

It is easy to neglect the setting for your curtains, but this is a great shame as the right framing for your windows can work wonders for the look of your room as a whole, but also sets off your curtains to their best advantage. Splurge on window valances and pelmet covers to make the most of your bedroom décor. You can get window framing at Wickes on reasonable prices.

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