DIY vs. Professional Blog Design {Part 2}

Welcome back! If you didn't get to see part one of this series, DIY vs. Professional Blog Design, you can find it here. I told you all about my DIY blog design journey and how difficult, but rewarding it was. Well, today I'm so excited to tell you all about how I came to my current design and how wonderful it is! DIY vs. Professional Blog Design Part 2

Have you ever looked at something and just felt like something was off? All the separate elements are pretty and generally you like it, but it wasn't quite right. That's how I felt about my last blog design. It was a DIY design and it wasn't too horrible, but it lacked something. I told you about my my resistance in putting money into my blog design in part 1. Well, I started thinking about it and came to this conclusion:

If you were to open a small business, you wouldn't build a shack and expect customers to feel comfortable and welcome to browse around. No, you would rent the prettiest building you can afford and then fill it with beautiful things to make all who enter feel glad they did. It would be an investment that you wouldn't think twice about doing. So, why, then, would you let your blog start with a crummy design and expect readers to feel welcome? It just doesn't work that way.

This revelation was a real turning point for me. I literally felt this huge burden come off of me because I no longer would have to mess with coding and tweaking and never feeling satisfied.

I knew exactly where to turn to find which company makes the best designs and that was the Building a Framework* eBook from Just a Girl and Her Blog.

Creating a blog isn't easy. Read about my journey through DIY vs. Professional Blog Designs.


This eBook was an amazing guide for every aspect of creating Charming Imperfections and I was sure it would be helpful in this instance. (If you are starting a blog or looking for help with your blog, I highly recommend reading this book. You can click on the picture or this link* to get more information.) Sure enough, Abby's gorgeous design came from a company called Restored 316 Designs*.

You could not ask for more beautiful and feminine designs than what is offered by Lauren on this site. They are absolutely stunning! The only problem with her site is how hard it is to chose from all the pretty options. I ended up settling on the Bloom Theme because I felt it suited Charming Imperfections best.


Now, I may have led you to believe that the themes from Restored 316 Designs* were the best part, but they actually were not what I was most impressed with. It was the support and help I received after purchasing the theme. I expected to be given something to download and then left to figure out how to make it look like the demo, but that isn't what happened. Along with the download I was given a link to their tutorials page where all the tools to put together a gorgeous site were provided. There was a list of links to all the plugins I would need and then a super easy to follow tutorial on how to put it all together!

Feminine WordPress Theme Design using the Genesis Framework by Restored 316

As I look back on all the faces Charming Imperfections has had to put on through these beginning months I just have to shake my head. Had I only known what a little investment (seriously little compared to the benefits) toward the look of my site would save me (the hours of stress and frustration of trying to DIY the design) I would have done it right from the start! Moral of the story is: it's so worth it to purchase a professional designed theme rather than get by with a homemade one. There are many things I would rather go DIY on, but this is not one of them.

*This post contains some affiliate links which basically just means that I earn a small commission for products or services purchased through those links. It's what helps keep Charming Imperfections afloat. Read my Disclosure policy here.