Beautiful Bathroom Organization

A while ago I posted about a few bathroom projects which have really opened my eyes to something about bathroom organization: it can be beautiful as well as incredibly functional! Take my Mason Jar Organizer for example. Need a place to store all those little bathroom things? This Mason Jar organizer is the perfect solution!


Or, the little shelving unit I put together last summer out of pallets:


And, my favorite, is the drawer organizer I put together with some leftover beadboard and a jigsaw:

bathroom collage

See, what I mean? Not only do they clean up the space and make my morning routine go a whole lot smoother, but they add character and charm to the room.

I was so inspired about the combination of beautiful and functional in bathroom organization, that I put together a board on Hometalk that's full of great ideas! If you don't already know about Hometalk, it's awesome and dangerously addicting. It's full of tutorials, DIY projects, crafts, room remodels, and so much more!

I'm getting sidetracked. The bathroom organization posts I found there are so cool and I just wish our bathroom was big enough to accommodate all of them. Head on over by following this link to see them all and make sure you follow Charming Imperfections while you are there!

Functionality doesn't have to be ugly. Check out these 15 beautiful bathroom organization systems.

I hope you like these beautiful bathroom organization ideas.