2015 Summer Recap: Beige to Farmhouse

I do most of my writing very early in the morning and it always starts my day off happy because I get the chance to interact with incredible people like you. Not directly, but, you know what I mean. Anyway, here I was, happy little me, sipping my coffee and thinking how blessed I am to have this blog and all and I realized I never did a Summer Recap post like I intended to do! I know fall is well underway, but so much went on here over the summer that I hope you don't mind taking a step backwards and checking it out.

Alot can happen in one summer! See how this boring home turned to a cute farmhouse.

Our living room underwent the most change over the course of the summer, which is funny because it was totally unintentional. Just about every other room in the house was in greater need of a remodel, but somehow this one ended up getting all the new things. Here is how it looked earlier this year:

This could also be a story about how my photography has improved over the last few months.

Now our living room looks a bit more like this:

Farmhouse Bookcase-6

The start of the transformation was getting a slipcover for the sofa and eliminating at least one beige element from the room.

Then I moved those two chairs into the room.

And added the rest of what you see there:

In other areas of the room these things were added:

Cane Woven Benches and chairs are lovely, but there seems to be almost no way to repair them once they get a hole! See how this lovely bench got a new seat and fresh outlook on life!

See what these lovely French flair chairs were transformed from. Sometimes it’s amazing what you can do with materials on hand.

Sigh* these antique sewing tables are so lovely with their cast iron legs and detailing.

Now, since June is the month of weddings, I wrote a few posts on how we keep our marriage happy:

I also wrote a few parenting posts.

The biggest project over the summer was our farmhouse table made from an old shed.

So, overall, it was an excellent summer. I'm getting tired just thinking of all the work we did on these projects, but couldn't be happier with the way our house is turning into a home.

Alot can happen in one summer! See how this boring home turned to a cute farmhouse.

If this is your first time here, take this as a "this-is-what-we-are-like-around-here" introduction. If you've been along for the ride, thank you. It's because of all of you that I've had the motivation to do all these things so that others might be able to learn from my mistakes, create amazing things, and have beautifully flawed homes.