How to make an industrial Coat Rack in 4 easy steps

A word I’ve found myself typing a lot lately is “simple”. It seems the difficulty of the DIY projects I do, directly reflects how I’m feeling at the time. The more complicated or busy or stressful life becomes, the simpler my DIY projects are. It gives me the satisfaction of finishing at least one thing quickly so it becomes something beautiful. Don’t take this the wrong way, I love being busy and am completely happy with my life. It’s just an observation I wanted to point out.

So, thinking along those lines we come to this beauty of a DIY project: an industrial coat rack. It doesn’t get simpler than this, and, to be honest, I added a step that probably wasn’t necessary, but more on that later.

Make this DIY industrial coat rack with cheap and reclaimed materials. This is a simple project that will make a huge statement!

The tools and materials you need are:

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  • A cool looking board (5 ft long) – don’t worry if you can find an old fence rail like mine, there are plenty of ways to distress a store bought board.
  • Coat hooks* – 8 (we got some cool antique ones from the Randolph Street Market in Chicago!)
  • Sawtooth Hangers*
  • Paint/stain of your choice
  • Power drill*

Are you ready? Here is a video on how to make an industrial coat rack in 4 easy steps


Step 1: Pre-drill holes in the board. This will make screwing in those coat hooks a lot easier

Step 2: Stain/paint. The staining was the part I probably didn’t have to do. I thought I would like it and when it was finished I realized it was too dark. Hence, the whitewash. The video explains how to whitewash, but basically you’ll want to thin out the paint with water and brush it on very lightly. Then, rub off any excess with a rag.

Step 3: Install the sawtooth hangers on the back.

Step 4: Screw in the hooks.

Make this DIY industrial coat rack with cheap and reclaimed materials. This is a simple project that will make a huge statement!

Suddenly I want to speak French: Voila! C’est magnifique! Making this industrial coat rack was really that simple (there’s that word again). It’s amazing how some of the prettiest, most “statement-making” pieces of décor in your home can also be the quickest and easiest to make. This is the perfect example of how great simplicity is. We made this coat rack in four easy steps: pre-drilling, painting, installing sawtooth hangers, and screwing in the hooks, I wonder what else we can make?

If you are wondering about where it hangs, it’s in the office I recently decorated that you definitely have to check out! The office turned out so amazing and chic, even I want to work there ;)

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