What to Expect from the Community Blog

Back in the day, living in a town meant becoming a part of a tight knit community. People would sit on their front porches and have a conversation with everyone who passed by. Church on Sunday was the main event of the week because you saw your neighbors and could catch up on the latest news. The local drug store was more than a place to shop and kids ran around with reckless abandon.

At least, that's what I read in books.

Tradition of community

With the rise of the internet and ease of travel, the meaning of community has changed. No longer are the people you live near your sole source of social interaction. While this change is not all bad (I don't want to give the impression that I'm so against the modern world), It would seem we've lost a bit of what it means to really be a part of a community.

I love the town of Eureka. As small towns go, this one really is amazing for how tight the community is and how wonderful the people are which is something I want to preserve and nurture so it continues as my children grow.

About this blog

So, I've set out to provide a resource to the people of Eureka to help draw us together to keep the traditions of community strong here.

That's where this blog comes into play. I plan on filling it with news and information regarding the happenings in this town. I also hope to create business profiles by interviewing the small business owners that provide so much to Eureka.

The only thing you won't find on this specific page is events. There is another page (found here) for that as well as a Facebook group, Eureka, IL Happenings. The Facebook group is a wonderful place to share and interact with other towns folk (hint, hint, go join now!).

Consider this your one stop shop for all things Eureka.

Being a Real Estate Agent, it's my job to keep a close eye on the market and things that may affect house sales. I figured while I'm at it, I might as well be intentional about sharing what I find.

How you can help

Now, I realize what I've set out to do through this blog is a massive undertaking, so I'm going to ask for your help. If you have information on any event, business, news, announcement, or anything regarding the people of this town, please email me at: rebekah@rebekahschwind.com and I'll be sure to add it.

Also, it's going to take some time for me to get this up and running on a regular basis, but you can stay informed by joining the email list by clicking the button below. 

Thank you in advance for being an amazing community!