1511 US Highway 150

Purchase Price: $49,900

1.17 acres + some!

Not your average building lot! Includes shared ownership of a 6.22 acre tract along the Mackinaw river. This gorgeous lot boasts an amazing view of the Mackinaw valley, mature trees, and a private, paved frontage road access. The front quarter of the lot is level and ideal for building, then it slopes down to the river. The shared acreage by the river and community well are shared by 6 lots.



There are some people who thrive in a subdivision. If you are one of those people you may not find this story interesting. For the following depicts a story of a piece of land that is far from the cookie cutter, blank slate lots you find in those newly curated subdivisions.

This is about a piece of land that is for those of us who love the outdoors, who enjoy adventure, and who find solace in their privacy. This is for those of us who want to step out our backdoor with a cup of coffee in our hand and be greeted by a view worth millions.

Is that even possible in the flat state of Illinois? Let me introduce you to Lot 5 in Lantz Manor Ridge.

The lot is located just outside of Goodfield, a quaint little town just off of interstate 74 (making it a quick drive from almost anywhere). Cruise down 150 toward the east and you’ll soon find a set of beautiful homes tucked away between gorgeous, stately trees.

To access these homes, and our featured lot, turn into the private, paved frontage road.

It’s easy to envision your dream home sitting on this lovely lot as you approach it, but there’s more than meets the eye here. Much more.

Without being told otherwise, you would assume the lot ends at the heavily forested tree line at the back of the lot, but the expanse of land visible to you from the road is only the front quarter of the lot.

From the tree line the lot slopes downward into an impressive forest. Contrast that with the typical subdivision lot  where your backyard borders another family’s and puts you on display like a fishbowl. You’ll find nothing but privacy on 1511 US Highway 150.

Another gem feature of this lot is the view. Now, if you visit in the summer when the trees are heavy with leaves, you might miss the fact that from here you can look out over the Mackinaw valley for miles. Can you just imagine a sprawling deck with such a view?

The benefits don’t stop there, though. I’ve saved the best for last: When you purchase Lot 5 of Lantz Manor Ridge you are actually acquiring much more than it’s 1.17 acres. You will become one of six owners of the 6.22 acre tract along the Mackinaw River at the back of your neighborhood lots!

 Lot 5 in green. Shared river acreage in blue.

Lot 5 in green. Shared river acreage in blue.

River access such as this gives the opportunity for fishing, canoeing, and camping!

Just picture it: you, the adventure loving outdoors person, coming home to your beautiful brand new home and personal piece of forest along the mighty Mackinaw river. Take a deep breath of fresh air and take in the glory that comes with this private sanctuary in the middle of Illinois.

Will this be your life? Act fast, because this lot won’t be available for long.