Lot 2 Wilhelm

Purchase Price $47,000

0.66 acre

Investment opportunity! Come take a look at this unique wooded lot located in a prime Dunlap neighborhood for your next building project. The lot zoning will allow for a duplex or single family home to be built. This spacious lot is one block away from the park and withing Dunlap school district. Water and sewer lines available at lot line, but not set up. An easement for the driveway exists for the neighboring home. Take a look today!



Zillow - https://www.zillow.com/homes/w-wilhelm-lot-2_rb/

MLS Sheet - http://peoria.paragonrels.com/publink/default.aspx?GUID=4fb192c3-e7be-456c-ae3b-dfafe0f7fc4c&Report=Yes



What's so special about an empty lot? You might wonder. In all honesty, most would probably pass right by this small forest surrounded by beautiful new homes and suburban development and not take a second glance at it.

But this lot is special. It is unique, and I'll tell you why.

Dunlap has become well known for it's incredible school system. That, paired with its ideal proximity to shopping, restaurants, and work for many, has made its housing market boom in recent years. Amidst all the exciting new buildings going up, a once lonely little farmhouse became surrounded with neighbors.

The house held onto its two acre yard full of large mature trees, while all around it homes were given lots just big enough for a home and a little breathing room. 

In 2015, ambitious new owners purchased the property seeing the potential in flipping the house and subdividing the land. The home took on an amazing transformation with an open floor plan, walk out basement, and massive backyard deck with a view envied by all in the neighborhood.

The newly formed lot next door has its own potential.

It's uniqueness lies, first, in it's size. The expansive 1.17 acre lot gives more than enough room for a home as well as room to run, play, and explore.

Next, you'll notice the beautiful large trees scattered throughout the lot. If some can be preserved as a home is built, it will have all the benefits of shade and aesthetics most mature neighborhoods possess, but with a new house!

The final reason this lot is special is because of where it's located. I've already alluded to how desirable the location is, but take a stroll with me for a second down a well maintained sidewalk that passes from the front of the lot, onward:

Just around the bend you will see spectacular homes surrounded by landscaping that looks as if it was curated by an artist. In the lawns of those homes, children are playing safely and happily. Further down, we come upon a wonderful park and fishing pond that just begs to be used for a picnic lunch on Sundays.

See, there is much more to this empty lot than meets the eye. Whoever owns this patch of earth will be buying into a lifestyle that is safe, happy, and good.