Per FTC regulations, this is a full explanation of how and when I am compensated on Imperfections started out of the passion of my own heart to reach out to others in similar situations as myself (such as parenting, doing projects, and saving money). It also began as an outlet for me to do some writing and photography for fun.

While it is a passion of mine, the fact is that running an online business such as this brings up a few costs such as hosting fees, blog design, my own time, etc. and I would love to be able to pay for those costs while keeping the content on the blog free. Put simply, while Charming Imperfections is a labor of love, I also get paid for the work I put into it.

Integrity and Opinion

My integrity as a blogger is very, very important to me. I will never promote something if I don’t feel it is worth your time, energy or money; regardless of the compensation it may offer me.

You can trust my word. If I tell you I like something, own something, or bought something, I’m telling the truth. I will never knowingly lie or mislead you for my own gain. I value you, my readers, much, much more than the few cheap bucks it might give me!

Free Stuff

Occasionally, companies will provide me with free items in exchange for a marketing opportunity. When this happens, and I talk about it on my site, I will disclose that I received the item for free.

Product Reviews

Every once in awhile I will conduct a product review of items or services that I believe you would be truly interested in. When that happens I will fully disclose whether I recieved that item for free or have been compensated for that post. I’m extremely picky about doing these types of posts and often don’t participate in them because I really don’t want you to think that I’m in this for the freebies. Remember, I’m passionate about sharing genuine articles on this blog.

Affiliate Marketing

One source of revenue that you’ll see a lot on Charming Imperfections is from the commissions I make from sales or leads generated through affiliate linking.

I only share links to products/stores/companies I truly believe in and never just for the fact that it is an affiliate link. Often, the reason I’m sharing the links is because of the convenience it provides you when I’m describing a specific product.

The commission I earn from those links comes at no cost to you if you choose to purchase that product or service.

The most common affiliate links you’ll find on Charming Imperfections are from the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

If you have any questions concerning this policy, please visit my contact page and I’d be happy to make things more clear. Thank you for supporting Charming Imperfections!